Qunut Nazilah

Qunut Nazilah

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When the times come

When it comes,
I realize that,
Im still a common people,
with the same feeling,
with the same human sense.

When it crossed my mind,
The only thing I wish is to be heard.
Because seeing is much more hard things to do.

All the times,
Pretending like nothings happen,
But deep in me,
it pounding heavily, 
and sometimes like a bomb explode

All the times,
trying to smile all the way I can,
But still,
there is a time,
when smile dont wanna deal with me.

Trying hard to ignore,
but people always bring me near,
without they realize it.

pretending like heard nothing,
pretending like see nothing,
pretending like feel nothing,

And all of that,
the one who hurt the most is me.

But still,
Im not alone,
I know Allah always knew,
So that I give everything back to Him,
And when the times come,
He will return it back to me,
And I will accept it calmly

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