Qunut Nazilah

Qunut Nazilah

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N part 1

With the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


It just happen, im watching back '3 idiots'.

::Ranchos ::
the main character, I adore him very much.

Going to college to having fun in learning, never chase on grades and degree..
helping his friends, whom being punish by their own scare and frighten.

Students study engineering, he applied it. Open the eyes of other people bout this rude, unfair world.

Try to change the system.. to produce more inventors not 'on papers engineer'.

~ study to be accomplished, not affluent ~

:: Farhan ::

There are lots of people, just like Farhan.  Give up his own will for the sake of their family.
 Mostly, end up frustated themself or become bad workers.

Luckily, this man was awaken by Rancho..

Instead of being slave of engineer, with courage he turn his life into succesful photographer which free his mind and soul.

~ Make your passion your profession ~

:: Raju ::

Victim of the system. Chase toward success, at the same time afraid of tomorrow.
Too much thinking, till he unable to keep himself 'alive' to move forward.

I think, lots of people got the same case like Raju.. being excellent since childhood, then got hard time in college, just because of fear...

~dont quite, just celebrate the ride~

:: Virus ::

symbol of this rude unfair world. looking for grades, achievement, never look for others will.  he is the most type of people we will face in our life.They will ignore what so ever u good at, unless it is what he love to.

That is what system we are in. we are push to be like them. what ever been given, just take  it, dont question it.

Our education today is just about discussing grades, jobs, not the educaton itself.

whic planet u are now? how is their educational sysem?

~ All izz well ~

follow excellence, success will chase u

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