Qunut Nazilah

Qunut Nazilah

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

its about H.E.R

With the name of Allah, the most  Beneficent, the Most Merciful

There is a person,
whom i knew very well.
people always said that she is cold-hearted, 'otai', ganas, and so on.
But very few of them knows, what is she hiding inside.
she is very hard to  trust people,
once she trust, keep good care of it.
once it broke, she will never look into it.

Its happened.
Everything had happened.
As He planned.
Time flies, people come and go.
Some say hello, some say goodbye..
Is it what life is for?
And she, remain the cold-hearted person

behind those heartless acting,
she always swallowed the pain herself.
Keep  blaming herself...

"Sorry for acting strong, although it look a bit awkward.
Sorry for hiding everything, although it remain in my silent.
Sorry for not telling the truth, cause it hurt more to spill it out.
Sorry for not allowing u act childish, cause it will hurt u more.
Sorry for acting brave, although i know im coward to face reality.
Sorry for being so mean, cause it hurt when u play the same hurt song."

Sorry for saying Sorry..

she is very bad in sharing her heart feeling.
she can't smile to say she happy,
she can't cry to show she is upset.
she can't share even she really want to.
She can't let people down, even when she felt the same.

Being silent is her choice.
but doesnt mean she doesnt have feeling.
stop saying harsh to her, cause it will hurt her,
the same like others will felt.

And now,
she remains  the same.
with all black and white,
beauty and hurt memories.
trying to live her life to the fullest.
and keep the word with her,
" they never know nothing, but He knows everything"


" they never know nothing, but He knows everything"

p/s: i know, there are lot of people like her. reminder for me and for u, think before act, if not, we will hurt them without we notice it. chau sin chi ^^

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